Naked Retro Gamers

clothes off, game on!

Naked Retro Gaming LIVE!

Join us for this Naturist Foundation event hosted in conjunction with us! More information in the FAQ below. Tickets are available for the Foundation - see their event page for more information.


Can I take photos?

No. Cameras and smartphones must be put away. Anyone seen taking photos will be asked to show them and possibly asked to delete them and/or leave without refund.

Do I have to be naked?

Let's just say there is an expectation that everyone will at least be partially nude. This is mainly for the reassurance of other guests that nobody is there for the wrong reasons. If you are coming with someone, such as a partner, who is more apprehensive then obviously we want everyone to be comfortable and exceptions will be made. Likewise, some people will need time to 'warm up' before disrobing, and again this is expected.

It's my first time at a naked event. Any advice?

Firstly, don't over-think! Events such as these are run to have the opportunity to do something a bit different, so the seasoned naturists will be there for the sole purpose of playing video games with friends. Nobody will be the slightest bit interested in what your body looks like, only who you are as a person, and whether or not you can beat their high score!

Don't worry about being alone - you won't find a friendlier bunch of people than naked geeks! If you are a guy and are worried about getting 'excited' in the wrong way, don't be. It doesn't happen. By the time your are relaxed enough you'll have realised that there is nothing sexually exciting about a bunch of perfectly normal people cheering on a Mario Kart race.

And finally, don't forget your towel! Naturist etiquette is to sit on a towel, so bring one to with you to put on the chair before you sit down anywhere.